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Vegan Vicki grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but has roots planted deep in the South.  After a diagnosis of  non smoker lung cancer back in 2008, Vicki knew she needed to make a lifestyle change.  First becoming a vegetarian, then switching to veganism.   She is a self-taught vegan chef who has a strong commitment in changing the way you think vegans eat. She has focused her talents on developing and perfecting vegan recipes to not only please the palate but to feed the vegan soul.  She is the author of her first cookbook, 30 Days Vegan. and will be releasing her second book, Vegan Adventures, a comprehensive transition journal this year.  Vegan Vicki is the first vegan chef selected as a Chef Partner for the Launch Test Kitchen located inside the Q Arena in association with Aramark, the NAACP, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  She is also a featured chef on Cleveland Fox 8 Recipe Box and also a chef partner for the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland,   As you can see, Vicki's commitment to spread veganism runs deep and she has yet to scratch the surface. 

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